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                       Reading the above book you will learn:

                       •    How to fast without effort.
                       •    What happens inside the body while fasting.
                       •    The mechanics of the aging process and age reversal
                       •    How to turn off symptoms at will without using manmade
                            pharmaceuticals--all symptoms have the same mechanism of                                  action.
                       •    How to maintain your mental-emotional balance under the
                            most extreme stress.
                       •    Why conventional/allopathic medicine and the pharmaceutical
                             industry are ANTI-LIFE because they, FAIL TO DEAL WITH                                                CAUSES, being a CLEVERLY DESIGNED BUSINESS which by its
                             very nature PERPETUATES DISEASE, its goal being, not to heal,                               but to make money.
                       •    The historical roots of present medical policy.
                       •    And much, much more found in print no place                                                    else. 

The substance in the bottle is the material basis of disease and aging. 
             The book describes:
                            •     The origin of this substance.
                            •     Its manner of production..
                            •     Its role in mood disorders, obesity,
                                  heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer.
                            •     How its formation can be stopped.
                            •     How it can be eliminated from the body.
                            •     The consequences of its removal.  

The PURPOSE of the book is to EMPOWER you with UNDERSTANDING regarding the true nature of disease.  This understanding will MOTIVATE you to make choices which are truly in the best interest of your health.

Seeing the SIMPLICITY which has been masked by COMPLEXITY
you will be FREED FROM THE NONSENSE accepted by most.


Most of what has been written about disease has NO RELEVANCE to its proper and effective treatment, designed by degenerate intellects which see all of reality through the DOLLAR $IGN.  

When you see the FOREST from the TREES, you will see what is relevant SEPARATED from what is IRRELEVANT.  When you see what is relevant, YOUR CONFUSION WILL DISAPPEAR.  When your confusion disappears, you will be EMPOWERED and when you are empowered, you will be MOTIVATED, motivated to make choices which are TRULY IN THE BEST INTEREST OF YOUR HEALTH..

            I firmly believe that if the whole materia medica could be sunk to the                    bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind, and all the                      worse for the sea. --Oliver Wendell Holmes  --JPEG--

You will gain a very concrete level of understanding of what takes place inside the body while fasting. This understanding will enable you to do what is in the best interest of your health based on sound and easily understood little known principles. When you understand what is happening in the body during a fast, you will be able to face fasting crises with understanding knowing exactly what to do to lessen both their intensity and duration and often to prevent them completely.

There are people now living who will never experience Death, Death of the          Physical Body!! The above book is a 21st Century interpretation, in easy to             understand language, of several  abstruse ancient Sanskrit treatises on the Yoga of  Physical Immortality.  The truth about Disease & Aging is really very easy to         understand as you will see reading the above book

The reason most of the human brain is dormant is due to the presence of the substance in the bottle within the body which creates resistance to electrical flow within the body. The body has a built-in step-up transformer which activates the dormant parts of the brain when all resistance to electrical flow within the body, the substance in the bottle, is removed.

Allopathic doctors, (MDs), completely ignore the presence of the gray substance in the body, so, it is absolutely impossible for them to properly treat disease.  Allopathic medicine is a PSEUDO-SCIENCE designed to rob your pocket, destroy your body and enrich (at the expense of your life) its practitioners! To ignore such easily demonstrable evidence --the grey substance in the bottle-- is INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY and GROSS CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE.

Mans ultimate conquest is the conquest of Inner Space by the production of the     Indestructible Diamond Body and total brain activation -(Cf. Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, section III, verse 47: "Beauty, fine complexion, strength, and diamond hardness constitute perfection of the physical body").

Most people do not have a sound logic for prioritizing their values / actions so that their life is in harmony with little known, but ever operating, Universal Laws.  In this book you will learn an easy to understand, irrefutable, incontrovertible logic for your life, a logic beyond that presented by any of the world's religions which will bring your behavior into harmony with ever operating, but little known Universal Laws.  No one is wise enough or intelligent enough to foresee all possible contingencies in these turbulent and ever more rapidly changing times, and yet, there is a way, beyond your understanding, to have the protection you desire in your life, once your behavior is in harmony with little known Universal Laws.  
When you understand the underlying process which causes symptoms to appear and disappear, to wax and wane in intensity, you will be able to turn symptoms off at will without the use of manmade pharmaceuticals while at the same time eliminating from the body the material basis of symptoms thus producing true healing.  

You will also learn the cause of weight loss failure, the irrelevance of calories, how you can lose weight on a high calorie diet or gain weight on a low calorie diet. 
In the multiple appendices you will learn from historical documents how the founding fathers - (Franklin, Jefferson, and Washington) - clearly saw the present state of affairs, explained its cause and how it could be avoided.  You will also discover a historical document which explains present allopathic medical policy.  You will also  come to know the key to understanding the little known plot underlying all of recorded history.  When you finish reading this book, you will have a clear picture of past history, your place in the story, and how you can free yourself from the limitations which presently constrict your true freedom.  

The material presented in the book will empower you with understanding which will enable you to fast with confidence knowing how to correctly interpret what is taking place in the body, mind, and emotions. 

The content of this book will help you:
•     To expand your level of confidence in what makes sense rather than the easily       demonstrable nonsense of the medical profession accepted by most.
•     To explain why it is when you are feeling worse that you have a chance to get
       better by dealing with causes.
•     To explain the one cause of all symptoms and how you can with practice and         persistence control your physical, mental, and emotional sense of well being 
       by controlling the quality of the circulating blood. "The Consciousness is in           the blood."

•     Fasting is not primarily a matter of will power. Proper preparation makes
       fasting easy.  You will learn to prove this to yourself.
•     Acclimating your body to a low food intake which will eventually enable you         to fast spontaneously and relatively effortlessly.
•     The inverse relationship between the energy available for digestion and                 energy available for elimination.
•     Harmful effects of a high protein/low bulk diet.
•     Overview of the healing arts which will enable you to get the most for your
        money when choosing a therapy.
Difference between knowledge and belief.
Logic vs. Intuition, induction, deduction, empirical and synthetic approach.
Allopathic medicine is hocus pocus, a designedly self-perpetuating business
        whose demonstrable purpose is to give the illusion that you are getting better          while, all appearances to the contrary not withstanding, you are getting worse          which generates more business in the future.
Forces controlling medical policy.
The scientific basis of physical mortality--[The Hatha Yoga Pradipika]--versus
        the "Gotta-Die-Sometime-Assumption"--Alexis Carrell, M.D.--"Man the
        Unknown"--the potential immortality of cells.
What takes place inside the body while fasting

Basic Concepts
Pressure/concentration, pressure/concentration gradients.
Frequency of molecular collisions the basis of pressure.
Osmotic pressure
The inverse relationship between digestive energy and energy of elimination.
What we can learn from the "coated tongue."
Fixed toxins, free toxins, fixed toxin mass, free toxin mass, total body toxin            mass.
Blood toxin pressure and factors which increase or decrease blood toxin
Endogenous vs. exogenous toxins.
Endogenous toxins as nonfunctional matter.
Factors affecting the rate of endogenous toxin formation
Low and high molecular weight toxins
Cause of endogenous toxin formation--digestion a form of combustion
Factors affecting the interconversion of fixed and free toxins
Toxin reservoirs, toxin reservoir saturation and desaturation, factors affecting
The use of coffee enemas to desaturate two toxin reservoirs simultaneously
Liver congestion is the cause of hemorrhoids
Relationship between metabolic rate and fixed toxin mass.
Why metabolic rate is a function of aging
The matter of which endogenous toxins are formed.
The relationship between blood toxin pressure, the interstitial space, and
   emotional stability-dealing effectively  with ADD, ADHD, DID, ODD and     
   PTSD  and all fear states.
How and why the lunar cycle affects emotional stability.
Dietary fallacies.
The cause of fluid retention and weight loss failure.
What is necessary for sustained weight loss.
Why calories are irrelevant-weight gain on low calorie diet
A comparison of the yogic, macrobiotic, high protein, high carbohydrate, and          raw food diets.
A comparison of yogic, macrobiotic, high protein, high carb diet, and raw
        food diet.
Is there a "best" diet?
There is no such thing as junk food, only junk digestion. C. Louis Kervran's             "Biological Transmutations"
The "Law of Mass Action" and the place of vitamins, minerals, and
The use of pressure and/or cold to increase blood flow, decrease tissue                 stagnation.
How to evaluate difference healing modalities: those which remove energy
        blocks and those which expedite the cleansing process/toxin reservoir                  desaturation.
The three phases of "free toxin" elimination and factors affecting them.
The relationship between inflation/fluid retention and depression.
The body's main spaces: 
       •interstitial--the largest and most variable space.
Why emotional stability is inversely proportional to interstitial space volume..
Factors increasing and factors decreasing interstitial space volume.
The importance of exercise in retarding the aging process
Tissue stagnation, and the "silting phenomenon."
Why the key to healing is to increase blood flow to reduce tissue stagnation.
Why Chinese medicine states the colon is "The Mother of the Heart.
Why the colon in Sanskrit is called "the power-tube/Shakti nadi."
The direct relationship of colonic ptosis to lumbar spine problems and
         indirect relationship to cervical spine problems.
Colonic irrigation
Scientific basis/foundation of Age Reversal--Le Châtelier's Principle.


The works of Arnold Ehret, in particular "The Mucousless Diet Healing System" and "Rational Fasting."

The works of Gopi Krishna, in particular "Living with Kundalini" and "The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius."

The works of Pundit Acharya, in particular The Breath, The Heart, Sleep, and Life.

"Endogenous Respiration: Medicine of the 21st Century " by Vladimir Frolov.--training the body to get its oxygen from body water rather than from the air- How to breathe without using your lungs!! Details-1details-2

"Hydrogen Against Aging, Illness, and Death" by Vladimir Volkov, M.D. -- (Водород против старения, болезней, и смерти)

The publications of the Bihar School of Yoga, in particular Mooladhara: "The Master Key" by Swami Buddhananda.

The publications of Edmond Bordeau Szekely, in particular "The Essene Gospel of Peace", Part I, "The Discovery of the Essene Gospel of Peace", and "The Essene Origins of Christianity."

Alexis Carrell, "Man The Unknown".

C. Louis Kervran, "Biological Transmutations"

The works of Georges Ohsawa, a/k/a Yakikazu Sakurazawa, in particular "Cancer and The Philosophy of the Far East" and "You are All Sanpaku."

Adolphe Combe and Albert Fournier, "Intestinal Auto-intoxication", 1914 Sorbonne Press.

"Ether, God, and Devil-Cosmic Superimposition" and "The Cancer Biopathy" by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.--murdered in a Federal Penitentiary in Ohio, books and equipment all destroyed or confiscated by FDA as documented in "Wilhelm Reich vs. The U.S.A". by Jerome Greenfield.

"Scientific Fasting" by Linda Burfield Hazzard

"Institutes of Biblical Law" by Rousas John Rushdoony
"The Curse of Canaan: A Demonology of History" by Eustace Mullins
"Vigilantes of Christendom" by Richard Kelly Hoskins
(The story of the Phineas Priesthood. "As the Kamikaze is to the Japanese, as the Shiite is to Islam, as the Zionist is to the Jew, so the Phineas Priest is to Christendom." The onslaught of other militant religions is causing a backlash by Christian peoples).

"The Varieties of Religious Experience" by William James.

"The Cosmic Pulse of Life", Trevor James Constable.

"The Gheranda Samhita"
"The Shiva Samhita"
"The Hatha Yoga Pradipika"
"Charaka Samhita", a classical five volume text on Ayurvedic medicine.
"The Shiva Puranas", volumes I-IV
"The Science of Yoga" by I.K. Taimni
"The World As Power" and "The Serpent Power" by Sir John Woodroffe a/k/a Arthur Avalon.

"Therapeutic Fasting" by Arnold DeVries

"A Cancer Therapy: Results of fifty cases" by Max Gerson, M.D.--died of acute arsenic poisoning following a banquet held in his honor by the American Medical Association.  His therapy continues to be a threat to vested monetary interests. His daughter, Charlotte Gerson Strauss carries on his work to this day.

C. M. Child, "Senescence and Rejuvenescence", University of Chicago Press 1914

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